CIMSPA CPD (Continued Professional Development) Points
All Level 3 eLearning courses below have been awarded 1½ CIMSPA (the Chartered Institute for the Management of Sport and Physical Activity) CPD points. The CIMSPA logo will appear on your certificate once you have completed and passed the eLearning course. 

We have other eLearning courses which are currently in development. Please check back soon to enhance your learning and development with these courses.

Courses and Resources

Level 3 Providing Non-ridden Exercise

This course is about managing the non-ridden exercise for horses through a range of methods.  When getting horses fit there may be occasions when it is necessary to provide exercise other than ridden work.  This could be due to weather and ground conditions or if the horse is unable to be…
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Level 3 Horse in Sickness and Health (part 1)

This course is about promoting the type of care, environment and routine treatments that ensure that the horse remains healthy and content.
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Level 3 Anatomy and Physiology of the Horse

This course is about the basic anatomy and physiology of horses; including conformation, main superficial muscles, structure of the lower leg and the digestive, respiratory and circulatory systems.
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Level 3 Feeding Horses (Part 2) Food Preparation, Rationing, Purchase and Management of Feed and Bedding

This course is about feeding horses including the preparation of feeds, rules of feeding, preparing rations for horses, the feed requirements of different types of horses and the purchase and management of feed and bedding.
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Level 3 Feeding Horses (Part 1) Nutritional Requirements Of The Horse

This course is about feeding horses including the nutritional requirements of horses, types of feed and the role of additives and supplements.
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Level 3 Clipping and Trimming Horses

This course is about improving the appearance of horses including trimming and clipping.
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