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This area of Racing2Learn will guide you to relevant training courses if you are interested in finding out more about education and training courses for Racehorse Trainers and Jockeys. There are a range of programmes available for those considering these roles as a career pathway and also for those established in the roles seeking continuous professional development.  

The first step to becoming a jockey is to decide which route to take. There are several categories including pony racing jockey, apprentice, conditional, amateur or full professional. To explore the various options click here.

You may also be interested in seeing an overview of training in the Horseracing Industry Training Courses by clicking here.

Courses and Resources


This course is no longer available. The Covid-19 online education course has been updated to reflect current industry protocol. Please visit the main landing page or click on the Safeguarding, Integrity, Health and Welfare tile to access the new version.
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Sharing Good Coaching Practice

Explore this resource to view demonstrations by BHA Jockey Coaches demonstrating a range of coaching techniques that improve fitness, balance, technical and tactical skills of riders and jockeys.
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Walking the Course

This course is about how to walk the course when race riding. It is vital that jockeys familiarise themselves with the course, its terrain and distinctive features, as well as going and ground conditions. Trainers will also walk the course to advise their jockeys on the race tactics for individual h…
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Training for Racehorse Trainers

The BHA has strict licensing criteria for becoming a racehorse trainer. Training towards these criteria includes achieving Level 3 Workbased Diploma in Racehorse Care and Management or Level 3 Apprenticeship Senior Equine Groom (Racing) and completing specific training modules.
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Jockey Training and Development

To be a jockey you need to be committed, dedicated, highly motivated and a very good rider with good horsemanship skills. Jockey training is offered by the British Racing School and National Horseracing College.
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Jockey Matters

JETS provides a range of support to aid your career development during your time as a jockey and to help prepare you for life after riding so that your future is secure.
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Racing Welfare Mental Health Courses

Racing Welfare currently provides two types of of mental health courses. Click here to find out more information below to help you decide which course is best for you.
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Basic Principles of Racehorse Welfare

This course is about the basic principles of racehorse welfare. The BHA has established a comprehensive strategy to safeguard the welfare of racehorses before, during and after they leave the sport and to ensure all those who are involved with racehorse care and management fully understand their res…
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Jockey and Trainers Resources

Along side the eLearning and face to face courses, you can also view and download further industry information to develop and widen your knowledge. This includes workbooks, PDF's, fact sheets and other additional resources to support your learning.
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