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This area of Racing2Learn will guide you to relevant training courses if you are involved with work on racecourses and you will be able to follow the links to find out further information. Racecourse work covers many different roles. Individual racecourses generally organise their own training programmes in partnership with the Racecourse Association and external training providers. Training is generally specific to the job role, but many racecourse personnel such as racing officials, clerks of course, racecourse groundsmen and support staff will find the following courses below of interest.

You may also be interested in seeing an overview of training in the Horseracing Industry Training Courses by clicking here.

Courses and Resources

The Role and Purpose of Community Engagement in British Horseracing

Welcome to this eLearning course. This course is designed to equip you with knowledge and understanding of the basic principles of community engagement activity within the racing industry.
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This course is no longer available. The Covid-19 online education course has been updated to reflect current industry protocol. Please visit the main landing page or click on the Safeguarding, Integrity, Health and Welfare tile to access the new version.
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Principal Racing Organisations (Part 4) Racing Charities

This course is about the principal  charitable organisations within the racing industry concerned with supporting both people and horses.
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Principal Racing Organisations (Part 3) Thoroughbred Breeding

The racing and Thoroughbred breeding industries are underpinned by a number of different organisations, many of which represent membership groups. They work to ensure the efficient and fair running of the industry. This fact sheet is about the principal organisations within the Thoroughbred breeding…
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Principal Racing Organisations (Part 2) Member Bodies and Training

This course is about the organisations within the racing industry relating to member bodies and training.
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Principal Racing Organisations (Part 1) Governance, Regulation, Funding and Administration

This course is about the principal organisations within the racing industry involved with governance, regulation, funding and administration.
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The Racing Industry Course

The Racing Industry Course is a week long residential course designed to teach everything you need to know about the horseracing industry. The course would be suitable for a wide range of people, ranging from those new to racing through to middle manager level or anyone who simply wants to bro…
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Introduction to Management Course

A series of one day workshops for those starting out in the management roles in racing. The course is designed to meet the needs of those who aspire to manage, are about to take on their first management role, or who are already first line managers, but have had no development opportunity.
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Institute of Groundsmanship Training Courses

Racecourse Groundstaff attend the Institute of Groundsmanship (IOG) training courses, specifically designed for racecourse personnel. These courses have been developed by the Institute of Groundsmanship in conjunction with The Racecourse Association Limited. Level  1 Racecourse:…
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Racing Welfare Mental Health Courses

Racing Welfare currently provides two types of of mental health courses. Click here to find out more information below to help you decide which course is best for you.
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Basic Principles of Racehorse Welfare

This course is about the basic principles of racehorse welfare. The BHA has established a comprehensive strategy to safeguard the welfare of racehorses before, during and after they leave the sport and to ensure all those who are involved with racehorse care and management fully understand their res…
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Racecourse and Industry Personnel Learning Resources

Along side the eLearning and face to face courses, you can also view and download further industry information to develop and widen your knowledge. This includes workbooks, PDF's, fact sheets and other additional resources to support your learning.
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