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This area of Racing2Learn will guide you to relevant training courses if you are interested in finding out more about safeguarding, integrity, health and welfare education in the racing industry.

Safeguarding is the action that is taken to promote the welfare of young people and adults at risk and protect them from harm. As the regulatory and governing body of the sport, the BHA has a particular duty to protect children, young people and adults at risk involved in racing activities from all forms of abuse and harm, and to ensure there are clear processes and channels for them to report confidently any abusive or discriminatory behaviour.

The BHA, working together with racing’s participants, is responsible for ensuring the highest levels of integrity in our sport by keeping racing fair and clean. We aim to support all participants to comply with the Rules of Racing (‘the Rules’), whilst dealing appropriately and effectively with all breaches of the Rules.

The BHA, working with Racing Welfare, is concerned  for the health, welfare and wellbeing of its current and former employees, and their dependents.

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Courses and Resources

British Horseracing Authority Employee Betting Policy

This course was developed by the British Horseracing Authority (BHA) and is targeted at its employees to aid understanding of the BHA policy relating to Employee Betting.
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BHA Introduction to Safeguarding in the Horseracing Industry eLearning

A knowledge-based online learning programme with five modules and a multiple choice question assessment at the end for you to complete. The programme aims to increase your awareness about safeguarding and child protection, to recognise the signs of abuse and poor practice, and subsequently deal sens…
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Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking Training

This course was developed by the British Horseracing Authority (BHA) to aid understanding of the BHA policy relating to Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking.
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Supporting Safe and Responsible Gambling

Safer Gambling - for the sport and the next generation. The aim of completing this module, compiled by the charity Racing to School, is to equip you with knowledge and understanding of the British Horseracing Authority’s (BHA’s) rules on gambling for licensed individuals, along with an overview …
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Covid-19 Awareness for the Racing Industry (Version 2)

This course is about infection prevention and control advice for participants working in the racing industry during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.
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ZSA Suicide Awareness Training

A range of awareness training options, which provide a better understanding of the signs to look out for and the skills required to approach someone who is struggling, whether that be through social isolation or suicidal thoughts. There are three training modules which can be undertaken.
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UK Coaching Duty to Care Toolkit

The Duty to Care Toolkit is a series of Knowledge Checks and coach learning resources set across the five distinct pillars that represent the Duty to Care ethos: Safeguarding, Inclusion, Diversity, Well-being and Mental Health. Complete the five free Knowledge Checks to earn the UK Coaching Duty to …
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LGBT+ Awareness and Inclusion for the British Horseracing Industry

British racing is for everyone. It is a diverse and inclusive sport in which people from all communities should feel welcome, able to be themselves and achieve their potential.
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This course is no longer available. The Covid-19 online education course has been updated to reflect current industry protocol. Please visit the main landing page or click on the Safeguarding, Integrity, Health and Welfare tile to access the new version.
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Integrity Education

Whether you work in British racing and have to comply with its Rules or are someone who follows or bets on the sport and is interested in finding out more, the Integrity Education programme could help you.
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Racing Welfare Mental Health Courses

Racing Welfare currently provides two types of of mental health courses. Click here to find out more information below to help you decide which course is best for you.
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Basic Principles of Racehorse Welfare

This course is about the basic principles of racehorse welfare. The BHA has established a comprehensive strategy to safeguard the welfare of racehorses before, during and after they leave the sport and to ensure all those who are involved with racehorse care and management fully understand their res…
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Safeguarding and Integrity Resources

Along side the eLearning and face to face courses, you can also view and download further industry information to develop and widen your knowledge. This includes workbooks, PDF's, fact sheets and other additional resources to support your learning.
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